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"My earliest memories from childhood are filled with fragrant aromas swirling up from our family’'s kitchen while my mother baked, chopped, sautéed and stirred large pots bubbling with mouthwatering recipes. Considering my Italian heritage, that scenario was 'a given' on virtually any day of the week. Food, family and laughter were the focus of our everyday lives; it is from those memorable days growing up in Connecticut, that my passion for cooking emerged."

After graduating from the University of Hartford and traveling in and out of New York, Bonnie Carrafa decided to venture out west to the golden shores of California where some of her most gratifying years have been spent.

In conjunction with serving as a Personal Chef to a list of celebrity clientele, Chef Bon initiated her talents and specialized training, successfully creating her own personal chef and catering business, “BonVie.” During these years she additionally worked high profile catering events such as: with Wolfgang Puck for The Academy Awards, feature film “wrap” parties, and the annual PETA events.

Chef Bon formerly attended the well respected Westlake School of the Culinary Arts, where her experience and gift of “'old world'” style family taught cooking truly aligned with her creativity resulting in culinary mastery! Although her work load in Los Angeles was full and the high profile events exciting, Bon was considering a change back to a more personal style of chef work for hard working professionals and families.

“"Maybe I was feeling a tug, getting me back to my roots of those amazing home cooked meals enjoyed while sitting around a big table with family and friends. The best part about my career is meeting so many good new people all the time. Helping them find that place of enjoyment and solace in their busy lives, while doing what I love to do - there is no greater feeling!”" -Bonnie Carrafa

Through the recommendation of previous clients she received a request to cater a large dinner party in an exclusive locale in Texas, for which she accepted. Her love for the Austin area and the good hearted people she’'s encountered through her work have kept her and “BONVIE” pleasantly anchored there and thriving.

Chef Bon currently still flies to Los Angeles, New York and Connecticut, as her schedule permits, to prepare exquisite dining experiences for large parties or private intimate occasions.

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